Cathy Milne and CRandee are one in the same. The pseudonym is used for the creative writer, whereas, Cathy Milne is the journalist and educator.

Randee evolved when I was training as a CNA; there were several Cathys in the class, so I offered to choose a nickname. Since my name was Cathy D. Randolph-Milne, I chose Randee for short. In time I dropped Randolph and became Cathy Randee Milne, which became CRandee Milne. I am back to using my birth name; Cathy. The only person who still calls me Randee is Kurt, my significant other.

The reason I began this website is my intense need to write creatively. This is my venue to invite readers into the various aspects of my writing and photography.  

I have three lovely daughters and am a grandmother of two fabulous boys Xavier, age 8 & Damien, age 5. My favorite hobbies are crocheting, drawing, reading, creating macrame, tie-dye, designing handbags, and gardening. Above all, I love to spend time with my grandsons and spoil my dog.

My job with Frackle Media is quite varied. This is my official bio for one of the newspapers where I write:

Cathy Milne – Senior Political Editor/Assistant Education Director. Cathy trains up-and-coming journalists for the publication. In addition, she oversees political assignments to a growing cadre of citizen journalists. She contributes to GLV and writes LGBTQ, Health, Entertainment, and U.S. News articles. All aspects of Politics fascinate her.

My news writing can be found on Guardian Liberty Voice and The Public Slate. As the Assistant Education Director my days are quite full, teaching, tutoring, and editing the fabulous students who trust my teammates and me to guide them into being stronger and more self-confident journalists.

We offer an intense eight-week-long, boot camp program. Once done, the graduate journalist can continue writing for Frackle Media and receive a press pass. We have students from many corners of the globe and welcome diversity in our writers. If interested, here is the link for the application. Once you apply and submit samples of your unpublished writing, we will evaluate your submission and invite you to attend classes via the internet.

At St. Agatha’s News School (TNS), our training centers around youth, in our Cub Reporter program. Like our boot camp, they have the opportunity to become credentialed and may work with Frackle Media. Unlike boot camp, these students meet a physical classroom in Chicago. As the assistant, I join the classroom using WebEx.

In cooperation with Mayor Rham Emanuel’s One Summer Chicago program for 14-24-year-olds. The Fall, Winter, and Spring Sessions are typically high school aged youth.

Here is my author archive for Guardian Liberty Voice and The Public Slate. I use the hashtag #CMJournalist on social media and as tags in my stories.

Thank you, Cathy

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