Gene Wilder Prolific Comedic Performer Dies at 83


Gene Wilder passed away on August 28, 2016, according to his family. Nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman explained that the 83-year-old prolific comedic star died of Alzheimer’s disease-related complications.

Wilder’s was born on June 11, 1933, and his birth name was Jerome Silberman. His father, William, was a Russian immigrant and his mother, Jeanne was frequently ill. As a youngster he was warned not to upset his mom, instead, the family doctor said he should make her laugh instead.

According to, this set him up for his life-long calling as a comedian. He used various voices and accents during his attempts to make his mom laugh.

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On a personal note: Gene Wilder was a very funny man and he will be missed by friends, family, and fans alike. He made me laugh. A great deal of my sarcasm I attribute to Wilder and his cohorts! Rest in Peace, Gene.


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