Americans Think Voting Is a Right But Forget It Is a Responsibility

AmericansThe opinion of many Americans is that their vote does not matter. They believe that the elections are rigged, and their vote will never count. Many U.S. citizens think that voting is a right but fail to see it is a responsibility. Whereas, they believe having a driver’s license is a right instead of the privilege. USA Today is striving to make Americans aware of the need for them to vote.

Each person needs to register to vote if they are not already registered. Then every American over 18 years old must vote! Particularly, in this election where we have such a dismal selection of presidential candidates.

Donald Trump is a snake in the grass. He hates women, foreigners, the poor, and anybody who does not agree that his way is best. His hatred and treacherously callous behavior would bring the U.S. to its knees. There is a real fear that his presidency would result in a world war.

Then there is Hillary Clinton; she has a questionable history. He husband is a philanderer, and an unapologetic one to boot. As Secretary of State, she made some very poor decisions, which lead to doubts and fears over her presidency.

Gary Johnson looked as though he would have been a great alternative. When he did not recognize the name Aleppo, he could be forgiven for forgetting the name of the city that is being ravished by America, the Syrians, and Russia. However, when he could not name any foreign leaders, past or present, he proved that he either is very ignorant or that he does not do well under pressure.

Having to choose between the better of two evils when choosing who would be the next President is not a new problem. When selecting which candidate to vote for, Trump is not a viable person for leading the country and Clinton might be okay. At least she would not cause a war.

The worst thing that may happen during a Clinton presidency is that nothing will be done in Congress. They will fight her tooth and nail. It is likely that Republicans will secure the seats in the Senate and Congress, with a Democratic President and a Republican Congress it will be a repeat of the last eight years.

By Cathy Milne

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