Anti-Trump Protests Exhibit Misplaced Hostility


Protesting is a natural way of expressing one’s dissatisfaction, humans begin complaining straight from the womb. One of the first words babies understand is, no. Most children learn early how to protest by saying, “I don’t like that!” As teens, complaining seems to be a right of passage. As adults, one must learn to comport themselves and their dissatisfaction with dignity and clarity.

Inalienable Right to Peaceful Assembly

In the United States, protests are not new. The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees every American the right to peaceful assembly. Note that the word peaceful is defined as; characterized by peace, free from war, strife, commotion,violence, or disorder, according to

Therefore a legal protest does not include, shootings, vandalism, property destruction, blocking traffic on the roads and highways, or preventing entrance to a building. Instead, people with signs, banners, and even bullhorns meeting on a piece of land, public or private is acceptable. A group must take into consideration what time of the night is too late to keep up the noise.

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Opinion by Cathy Milne

Featured Image Courtesy of Ted Eytan’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
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