Letter to The Editor Regarding Sanctuary Cities


Question posted by The Oregonian:

Should Portland ignore potential federal immigration directives and be among America’s sanctuary cities?

My Response

I agree with Mayor-elect Wheeler; Portland should be a sanctuary city. Not only that the mayor should make it clear that the police department will not comply with any illegal immigration arrests. Removing people from the U.S., especially children is senseless. Those who were born here or brought here before they were of legal age are not here illegally, and they should be able to have parents or guardians present to raise them. It would cost less to have them receive food stamps than to place them in the foster care system. Moreover, how is it humane to send them into a country they do not know and might not survive?

Deportation is costly and ineffective. If determined, it is easy to re-enter the United States. When I lived in San Diego, I traveled into Baja, Calif. monthly, if not more. I am a Caucasian with dark skin and never stopped when coming through the border. I was merely asked my nationality and allowed to pass.

Opinion by Cathy Milne


The Oregonian: Hot button: Should Portland be a sanctuary city? (A question to readers)

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